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(RNS) The pope faces a torrent of criticism from victims advocates and others who noted that Francis did not apologize for the abuse, has not disciplined any bishops and has yet to meet with any abuse victims.


  1. The Catholic Church, despite the seemingly sweet Pope of the moment, is a criminal enterprise

    It owes the world complete cooperation in handing over ALL of the priests and bishops who should be handed over to the authorities for due process!

    Start with CARDINAL LAW! Those of us who lived in Boston in the early 1990’s learned very well that dozens of pedophile priests were moved from Parish to Parish to prey yet again on more poor beautiful children!

    Disgrace is not the word for what these priests did – and the hunt for the perpetrators of 22,000 crimes against humanity must be brought to justice!

    Hypocrisy is too nice a word for this digusting lot. Where is the jail time? Cough up the perpetrators! Stop hiding your criminals, Pope Francis!

  2. I agree with “Atheist Max” wholeheartedly, though I am not an atheist. I support him releasing his rage over the priest-pedophile scandal. it should be called the five hyphen scandal, the priest-pedophile-hierarchy-Vatican-cover-up scandal.

    There are many so-called “liberals” in the Catholic Church who still minimize and downplay this horrible, atrocious scandal. For example, the otherwise enlightened, liberal theologian Hans Kung says it is the worst scandal in the Church since the Reformation. Kung is correct in searching for a historical context for this terrible scandal, but he does not go far enough, historically. I say, it is the worst scandal in the entire history of the Church!!
    But then, Kung is himself a celibate priest, has no children and no grand-children. How will he, even as courageous as he normally is, ever feel the pain of the victims and their families. He simply cannot! He does not!

    Pope Francis is doing a great job overall, but his first big mistake was to propose to move forward with the canonization of Pope John-Paul II. It was John-Paul who was utterly lax in his administration and allowed the scandals to go on as long as they have. It was John-Paul who allowed Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston to escape to Rome and appointed him the rector of Santa Maria Maggiore, a plum, prestigious assignment in Rome. John-Paul will never be a saint in my eyes, though he was a great pope in his political accomplishments.

    Francis is basically a good man. But he still needs our help to govern wisely and to have the courage to think outside the conventional Catholicism box. Please, Brother Francis, no canonization and no “sainthood” for John-Paul. Please, educate yourself regarding the agony of the victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by priests!

    Kenneth Kelzer, M.S.W.
    Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    (Former seminarian for the diocese of Sacramento)

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