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(RNS) Find out where you can find a hunky Jesus but where you won't find Noah. Fulton Sheen may be one step closer to sainthood, and you may be one step closer to having your wedding look like a Wes Anderson flick. Or not.


  1. “so he can spend more time listening to his accusers”—nice touch, but why do I doubt this guy actually do a thing like that? Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Great round-up, Kevin! I’m especially informed by the links to the Dalai Lama controversy and the deeply moving funeral director’s post, which I’ve linked to on FB. But “Hot Jesus” strikes me as just silly. Seems we’re totally stuck on the Greek philosophy that truth must equal beauty, and vice versa. Three thousand years and nothing’s new. Harumph.

    • Edward Borges-Silva

      I agree completely. The idea of a ‘Hot’ Jesus is absurd and completely antithetical to His teaching and purpose. Certainly no serious seeker would spend time on this.

  3. Not just “atheists died here too, but “Atheists and non-Christians died here too.”

  4. Thanks for the roundup. I appreciate RNS.

    “A family prayed to Sheen for help after their son was born and his heart didn’t start beating until an hour later.”

    This is a miracle!? How intelligent grown-ups can believe this sort of nonsense
    and think it deserves any respect is the true miracle. :-(

    Such nonsense is seriously unhealthy to the mind.If prayer worked ambulances would go to the church instead of the hospital !

  5. I have subscribed to the RNS for several months. After reading each publication I have come to believe that it is very POPE oriented. Every time I read the issue the POPE seems to be mentioned more than anything else. I am not THAT interested in the POPE.

  6. “The guy who played Jesus…..” That text would not provoke a problem as it stands. Replace the word “jesus” with “allah” and the obama organization would be all over you.