Gun-toting David courtesy of Twitter

Gun-toting David courtesy of TwitterItalians outraged by gun-toting David

Italians outraged by gun-toting David

An Illinois arms manufacturer has ticked off Italians with an ad that depicts Michelangelo’s David clutching its AR-50A1 rifle. Here’s their line: “AR-50A1: A Work of Art.” The CEO apologized Monday, calling the ad “in poor taste” and said the leadership of the Armalite company has changed hands since the ad was made.

United Methodists and gay marriage — an uneven landscape

Renee Gadoua, who has been following the trials of UMC ministers who officiate against church law at same-sex marriages, finds that the church is sparing some clergy who dare break the rules, but punishing others. “Increasingly, those differences are geographic,” she writes.

Dolan not so comfy with possibility of church accepting civil unions

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan says the pope’s remarks last week about the Roman Catholic Church possibly recognizing civil unions don’t mean that Francis has said anything about actual marriage. But David Gibson writes, Dolan acknowledged that he himself would feel “uncomfortable” if the church were to embrace that position.

Sikh soldiers

There aren’t many of them in the U.S. military but there could be more if the Pentagon removed a presumptive ban on turban-wearing troops. Waivers are granted on a case by case basis, but a bipartisan group of 105 House members is lobbying for a less restrictive policy.

King’s Bible

At 2 p.m. yesterday, at an undisclosed Georgia bank, the Rev. Bernice King turned two of her father’s possessions over for safekeeping: Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Bible and his Nobel Peace Prize. Bernice King doesn’t want to sell the items but her brothers do, and the siblings’ dispute is in court. In the meantime, Fulton County Superior Court has custody of the items.

Episcopal Church to keep The Falls Church

After years of wrangling between the Episcopal Church and a large, conservative congregation that left it over theological differences, the Supreme Court let stand a Virginia court ruling that allows the denomination to keep the congregation’s property.

Judge stands with doctor in abortion case

A doctor who had provided the second opinions needed to allow the late Dr. George Tiller to perform late-term abortions had her license revoked by Kansas’ state medical board, but a state judge overturned the revocation Monday, calling it unfounded. Tiller was shot to death by a man opposed to abortion in 2009.

Pope Francis heading to South Korea

The pope’s first apostolic trip to Asia will land him in South Korea, a country with a growing population of Catholics, according to Cardinal Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk. This will be exciting for South Korean Catholics put perhaps not the miracle trip for which Cardinal Yeom Soo-jung hopes for: “I pray that Pope Francis’ visit will bring reconciliation and peace to the Korean Peninsula,” he said.

Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel’s Jewishness

The Revolutionary Council of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Monday unanimously supported his refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state — something Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says needs to happen for peace talks to be successful. The position of the U.S., the wannabe peace broker, is a tad unclear on this issue.

And what about evangelical Christians? Some Jewish and Christian Zionists worry that millennial evangelicals aren’t supporting Israel the way they used to.

Mini-opinion page

Chris Stedman considers homophobia and sexism among atheists.

Jonathan Merritt interviews Molly Worthen on the inconsistency of evangelicalism.

Brian Pellot questions Aung San Suu Kyi’s continued silence on the Rohingya Muslim situation.


Brownsville Revival evangelist Steve Hill dies at 60.

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