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ST. LOUIS (RNS) The work of Congregation Chai v’ Shalom falls under the umbrella of Lutherans in Jewish Evangelism Inc. The organization is one of the Missouri Synod’s roughly 300 recognized service organizations.


  1. Christians who believe as the New Testament proclaims that Jesus is the Messiah promised in the Old Testament are hardly predators. Sounds to me like those of the Jewish faith who oppose the public proclamation of such a claim are desiring to restrict the Constitutional freedom of religion of those they disagree with. Far from hearing anti-semitism here I am hearing anti-Christian messages. Let them proclaim Jesus is the Messiah and those who wish to proclaim Jesus is not the Messiah can make their public claims as well and people can exercise their freedom to worship how they want.

    • Or in a less self serving manner, they seek to preserve their minority faith from people who are actively denigrating it in favor of another religion.

      Active prosletyzing is generally considered offensive to those outside of Christianity because it involves attacking the beliefs one currently holds. It involves a lack of respect for the religion of others. Given the long history of sanctioned antisemitism by the Lutheran church, hostility is gong to be natural.

      Frankly John, if you were seeing a mosque whose specific stated goal was to convert Christians in your neighborhood, you would be hostile as well.

    • No one is seeking to bar anyone’s constitutional freedom of religion. On the contrary, Jews for Judaism is doing exactly what you suggest: making its claims in response to those like the Missouri Synod who continue, in spite of 2,000 years of failure, to cajole, mislead and threaten Jews into converting to Christianity.

    • What surprised me most was Cohen’s statement that he converted after learning that Jesus and his disciples were Jewish. Are there actually Jewish people out there who DON’T know this???

      • The Lutherans are certainly the least compelling when it comes to trying to convert the Jews. Certainly not like the Spanish Inquisition.

        • The Spanish Inquisition had no interest in converting Jews. Their goal was to separate out false conversions from true ones (hence the word “conversos”). And even then, only 1.7 of those investigated were ever penalized.

          Thanks for the laugh, though. We are Mel Brooks fans, too.

          • Who doesn’t love Mel Brooks?*

            *Spaceballs, Dracula Dead and Loving It, and Life Stinks excepted

  2. Knock, Knock.

    “Who’s There”?


    “What do you want?”

    I want to save you
    from what I will do to you
    if you don’t let me in.