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(RNS) The Culpeper (Va.) controversy is the latest law-enforcement training course to draw harsh criticism from Muslim groups who say agencies hire purported experts in Islam or counterterrorism who in fact have other agendas.


  1. Muslims For A Safe America encourages honest and informed discussion about how to make Muslims and America safer.

    • Why have Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox kept killing each other up until the last century?
      Why are Sihks and mainstream Hindus always at each other’s throats?
      Why is there no history of violence between Orthodox, Conservative or Reform Judaism?

      Some people take divisions within a culture harder than others. :)

  2. The argument that law enforcement departments are too understaffed to monitor hate-mongering classes is bogus! I’ll bet they would jump into action if anyone attends a White Supremacist class that says Blacks are the cause of drug-dealers in America or, a Nazi class that says bank fraud is caused by Jews.

    Chiefs can help stop attendance in anti-Muslim classes posing as “Counter-terrorism”, by simply issuing a memo that attending such classes could jeopardize careers.
    Chiefs can also say that only those counter-terrorism classes are approved, whose trainers are on the approved list of trainers and then let the trainers have the burden of proving they are not spreading hate and fear.

    The problem is that bashing Muslims and Islam is lucrative BECAUSE it is highly popular. Sadly, most of the top-level people in Police and other law-enforcement departments, harbor suspicions against Islam and Muslims as well.

  1. […] Law enforcement officers in Virginia will no longer receive credit for a counter-terrorism course taught by a former FBI agent and anti-Muslim activist after the academy where the course was taught canceled its accreditation the day it was scheduled to begin. Nevertheless, the three-day course with John Guandolo, which Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins vigorously defended, proceeded at nearby Germanna Community College late last month. [Read more] […]