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Catholics celebrate Pope Francis' one-year anniversary. A South Carolina pastor warns Christians not to participate in the Hindu holiday, Holi. A North Carolina church stations a "Homeless Jesus" sculpture on its lawn.


  1. russell leisenheimer

    just wanted to note that the opening of mr. bruhl’s obituary is a quote from monty python….

  2. I am new to RNS. I cannot recall reading the newsletter when the catholic pope is not the central newsmaker. Is RNS a catholic organization that must report what is going on with the pope?

  3. Kevin Eckstrom

    Stan: Thanks for your comment. No, we are not a Catholic organization, and in fact we are not affiliated with or controlled by any religious group. That said, Pope Francis has been a huge newsmaker since his election and he keeps giving us things to write about. Thanks,

    Kevin Eckstrom / RNS