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(RNS) At the largest Holi festival in the United States, the majority of participants aren't Hindus. They're Mormons.


  1. “I imagine there’s probably a few people who would argue that it’s not consistent with our beliefs,” Gray said, “but for the most part, I love to embrace and appreciate all cultures and religions.”

    Multi-faith seems acceptable to those who don’t understand that there is only one name given under heaven by which a person may be saved.

    • Agreed, downtown dave.

      When transcendent truth is determined via a “burning in the bosom,” it can probably be attributed to last night’s bad pizza.

      Reveling in the rituals of another religion– young Mormons happily chant the name of a Hindu god and douse themselves in celebratory color– just because its fun.

      Relying on “feelings” in order to determine truth is ultimately going to result in undertaking actions that feel good and are therefore justified in the eyes of the participants.

      The Mormon parents and religious leaders of these kids taught them this method of deciphering truth. They must be very proud.

      • @downtown dave

        You can love your neighbours, embrace their cultures and celebrate with them while still being strong in your own beliefs. What are they supposed to do, close their blinds and shun the participants because they don’t believe in the same god?

        I agree with Larry.


      You said, “there is only one name given under heaven
      by which a person may be saved”


“bring those enemies of mine who would not have me as their King, and EXECUTE THEM in front of me.” – Jesus (Luke 19:27)

      That will teach them who’s boss!

      • @Atheist Max:
        I think we can all agree “downtown dave” is a moron. But, you will find that context in scripture goes a long way.

        • @sven,

          But isn’t it so FUNNY that ‘context’ is never required for the nice verses?

          “God is love”
          “Blessed are the peacemakers” – Jesus
          “Love your enemies” – Jesus
          “God so loved the world”
          “Love your neighbor”

          :-) No one ever questions those :-)
          Only when God calls for killing do people scream for context!

          “God hates with vengeance and jealousy”
          “I do NOT come in Peace” – Jesus
          “Kill MY enemies” – Jesus
          “God regrets creating Humans”
          “Judge your neighbors harshly”
          “Dash their babies against the rocks”
          “God shall slay the unborn”
          “Do not hesitate to kill your neighbor”
          “The Lord shall punish them by ordering the raping of their wives”
          “Execute Them” – Jesus

          It is like swimming with goldfish and sharks…in the same tank!

    • Multi-faith is even more acceptable to those who find the idea of living peaceably with those of other faiths is preferable to hostility and uncivil behavior.

      I generally find it in poor taste to decry things such as hospitality, openness and friendship. It makes your beliefs look petty and unworthy of respect.

    • David Lloyd-Jones

      “Downtown Dave,” a person who spares us his identity, writes, “Multi-faith seems acceptable to those who don’t understand that there is only one name given under heaven by which a person may be saved.”

      I don’t think Jesus of Nazareth died for anybody’s sins. I think He lived to show people there is no validity to this ugly little message, that sin governs you until you follow orders from people like the anonymous “downtown dave.”


  2. I am a Mormon and attended my neighbor’s Holi Celebration on Saturday here in Arizona. I am secure enough in my convictions and am not intimidated by their beliefs or customs. It was a great opportunity to get to know them better and to “love my neighbor.” They are wonderful people and I am grateful they live on my street. Besides, if Christians are to bring people to Christ, we can’t do it by not having any thing to do with them.

    • So was your open manner towards them just a pretext to trying to prosletyze them or were you genuinely enjoying your neighbor’s hospitality?

      Most Hindu sects don’t go out of their way to try to convert people. Bringing in people of other faiths to their celebrations is more a matter of showing hospitality and sharing a good time than trying to impress people into the religion.

      Would you continue to be friendly with those neighbors if they showed no interest at all in following your faith?

  3. I went a few years ago. It was a great experience! Even though it was mostly other LDS people there, it is good to know that some diversity exists in Utah. Thank you for your great mentality and inviting all to come! It sets a great example for all…Including a lot of my fellow Mormons.

  4. David Lloyd-Jones

    Our local Hindus celebrate a festival of what we in English call the Juggernaut here in Toronto every year.

    It’s nice and colourful, but you can tell it’s a watered down liberalish kind of imitation: nobody can kill themselves by throwing themselves under its wheels the way they do at the Real Thing back in India.

    Christians who don’t handle snakes? Mormons who don’t make war on the United States of America?

    What’s it all coming to? Fundamental values being traduced everywhere…