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VATICAN CITY (RNS) The high-profile names on the sexual abuse commission give some indication of the importance Pope Francis has given to the panel.


  1. charlene carrier

    Great accomplishment! However I think there needs to be a body of discerning.discrete people to represent the priest/religious/male/female on a local level. I do have very objective thoughts on the part of the priest who at times is the victim. I would be available and proud to represent the diocese in this matter.God bless your efforts.Charlene Carrier

  2. all the human punishing to each other, with the own god’s judgement, in their hand, those are unconscious persons, whom don’t know, which and how, those are the real sins, they believe, that with their appearance, they as have, like real man, or true weman, with that they can acusse, prosecute and punish, and even kill at somebody, why they don’t do sometink to remeber, when they were youth as also, when they were more bad and more sinners, yes there are many, whom know them, they yes had, somebody to forgive them, their own sins, why then, dosen’t show and learn for themself to forgive and even to pay, for many other as also, God is the only one whom prosecutes, yes he can be that right, because he is the only one, pure an innocent, of the sin of meat, God knows which are those sins the humans make, god can see, and he teaches us, how not to commit sins, it were how inteligent in finding God and ask which are those sins, don’t to commit that sin, god he own the gift of the prosecution, for some person, then to save their innocent lifes, many they know that to punish, he does the devil, evil have and wants the power for himself, to the evil doesn’t like it, to help to any body to enjoy of the life, evil burns in hell, evil comes out of the hell, to live the life time by time, to can live in between the humans, Devil escapes from hell, he like to asks at humans, to give him, human meat, to eat and to live the life, time by time, little by little, evil likes to enjoy himself alone, then he kills to all those, whom helped him, the evil, born each time, in every newbornlife, many know that this life, it does, to stay forgiving the devil’s life, because devil does burns in the hell, God says, that this life of meat, is not the life of God, we have god only, in the soul, we are have knoweledge plus consciousness of God, if we do not want to suffer, we must understand from God, whom says, that the meat’s life, is not of God, many should fear at evil, because after he procreat, he became inhuman, because the evil, only cares, to be escaping from the hell, at any price, each time evil escapes from the hell, he doesn’t cares, the pain he do to others, the devil wound and hurts, to can escape from the hell, but how as it is, when evil scapes of the hell ?, it when somebody, dosen’t or can’t see or recognize their sins, the devil is like a wild beast, locked inside a cave, anybody should not to forgive their sins, God is the only one whom forgives, for surely the devil those are the heterosexuals, any body should to keep them in real consious, that their life does a sinners, any body should not to forgive them, until God forgive them, never can to be on the contrary, God is the only good, the works any body made, in this physically life, they are the ones that are going to be valuable, for worse or for better, —-for surely that great sin from any human it does of precreate , because they bring to this world to those newborn, only for suffering, that is not a reason to feel proud of the life, more evidently it does the cynicism of bad persons, that apart of being so bad, they are more bad, because they force to weman to conceive innocent childs, only to be cleaning their dirty sins of ยด—–life, many say that after those man get boring, of doing so much homosexuality, those dare to attack to harmless weman, raping their life, —-then to force them, with offences to procreate their children, which do not serve more than to wash their sins, those they are loading, from very back and very inside, after they washed of their homosexuality, they leave to their children and their weman,—- and they get again into homosexuality, more addicted, than ever, and more bold as before, they make to themself to be more bad because, they force to themself to forget their children— they killed their own feelings, after all that, they go to call for life vendicions, to relieve their life, and to follow it with the joke, in the catolic ther is the only one church, were they give them an special blessing for heterosexual men, whom became in gay, many know that, there are weman who provide services, that they are working to wash the sins, like the wizardry practice, that those weman they mix the three sexes, in a single one, the homosexual sex, the weman, in the last they mix it, with heterosexual men, the three paid as one sin ,— there is a rosary with beads of wood, which it measures it like three meters, it is solely to be use by heterosexual sinners persons, for they to be saved from sin of meat, some persons know, that the sinners get inside the Rosary when the couple of sinners are doing sex, it is more surely that the innocents with out sins, they are have more grace and forgiveness, those whom preffered to follow the way of the church,—- because after they lived a youth life of sin, they approach to seek for the god forgiveness, by part from the seminar and from the church, well they say many of them do not know sin, there are others who get inside the seminar to allude to sinners, it is very sure that humans should not dare to make the god`s judgment, without knowing which is the real sin.