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(RNS) Officials at Timberlake Christian School said the child's clothing and behavior were inappropriate.


  1. Poor kid! Only 8 years old!
    And another victim of typical religious bullying in the name of Holy Jesus.

    How many little girls must cry themselves to sleep at night, hated by others and taught to hate themselves as well – for their nature.

    Thanks again, to a pushy little doctrine called ‘Jesus’.
    Love has nothing to do with insidious religion and it should be abandoned.

    The more you steer toward Jesus the less humane you will behave.
    It is inhuman and it is nonsense. Some of us have come to our senses!

    • Telling her she’s not feminine enough was surely the most Christian thing to do here.

      Where in the Bible does it say that little 8 year old girls HAVE TO dress feminine?

      Why would they want that girl to dress feminine , anyway? I shudder to think, but it needs to be said: for pedophile reasons perhaps? Such as easier access, lifting a skirt is easier than ripping of trousers etc.

      • It was important for fathers to be able to distinguish which of their children were heirs and which ones were property. :)

  2. The Great God Pan

    I am shocked to learn that a self-proclaimed “religious, Bible-believing institution” requires strict adherence to outdated gender stereotypes. Why, it’s almost as if those awful “militant atheists” are correct about what religion stands for! Who would have thought?

    • Headless Unicorn Guy

      Tip: When a person or institution describes themselves as “Bible-Believing”, watch out. Such self-description usually means they’re a jerk.

  3. Raymond donahue

    First let me emphasize there is no such thing as a “”Christian School” the school as an organization does not accept Christ. It is a school whose staff and supporters are beleivers. I assume their dress code prohibits the female staff from dressing like males such as trousers with a zippered fly. Ridiculous argument I agree but so if not feminine enough is also absurd Show me one verse to support this legalistic position. Another case of Pharisee’s running the show and depriving a child of a good education based on scripture. But maybe this example point to a none biblical education passing as Christian

  1. […] Al-Monitor reports that several girls were forced to wear hijabs because school administrators disapproved of their newly cropped locks. One who dyed her hair was forced to promise not to repeat “this tradition of infidels.” I suppose they were lucky not to get kicked out of school, as happened recently to an eight-year-old girl for failing to “understand that God has made her female and her dress and behavior need to follow suit with her God-ordained identity.” Oh wait, that was at a Christian school in Virginia… […]