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World Vision may have gone back to the status quo, but the larger issue of how religious institutions will handle a growing acceptance of same-sex marriage will not go away. If anything, this is just the beginning.


  1. I’ve been reading comments on this that accuse those of us that disagree with WV’s original stance on allowing gay marriage in their staff as making me us haters that want to starve kids. If WV wants to take a public stance allowing their staff to marry homosexuals, goats, cars or whatever then fine, they have every right. And I have every right to move my money to an organization that lines up with my belief that we shouldn’t marry a goat . It does not mean I am starving children. WV isn’t the only organization that does what they do. The folks that are the haters out there are the ones that call me non-Christian, bully, lowest common denominator, etc. for making a choice about where my money goes. These are the same folks that run around telling us “judge not…”

    • An initial drop of at least $840,000 per year, 2000 sponsorships canceled means those “not hateful” people denied money to 2000 impoverished children over this. Evidently some people thought what WV did with its employees was more important than 2000 lives.

      Yes Genny, they were willing to starve children over what WV was willing to do for its married gay staff. Some set of priorities those people have. Nothing which even closely resembles love and compassion Christians profess in public.

      If Christians want to brag that their views are somehow morally superior to everyone else, maybe they should act morally once in a while. Maybe stop looking for excuses to avoid the teachings of your own faith concerning loving “thy neighbor”.

      • Of course anyone familiar with World Vision knows that the sponsorship money does not go directly to the child and if a sponsorship is dropped World Vision continues to care for the child. But hey why let facts and reality get in the way of your biased silly rant.

        • Whatever soothes your guilty conscience. Do you still hear the cries of the starving children Frank?

      • Good strategy, targeting the Christian Communities compassion, because you know that the non-Christians will not come near.

    • Re: “And I have every right to move my money to an organization that lines up with my belief that we shouldn’t marry a goat .”

      I’ve done a little research and have been unable to find anyone who’s agitating to give people the right to marry goats. No one, so far as I know, believes in allowing people to marry goats. In fact, since marriage is a form of contract, only adult humans can marry (with the exception of minors allowed to at certain ages and in certain states). I hadn’t been aware that goats … or cars, or anything other than an adult human … were capable of entering into contracts.

      Obviously you know something I don’t, and that I was unable to discover on my own. So please, let me know what organization is lobbying for goat and car marriage. I really would love to know about what they’re up to.

      Oh, and if you can’t produce any such references, then maybe you might want to stop saying that such an effort exists, when it doesn’t. Straw men aren’t becoming.