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WASHINGTON (RNS) Data show that our nation’s effort to cope with undocumented immigrants does not work. It is costly, most especially, I fear, for the soul of a nation.


  1. Unfortunately the people most likely to vote according to their Catholic faith are the ones least likely to show a bit of concern for the problems of our immigration system.

    I am happy that religious groups have taken up the mantle of immigration reform. Unfortunately it gets short shrift when it comes to voting habits of their adherents. People most likely to mix religious belief and politics are conservatives. People who tend to use immigration as a way to make racist appeals in a sub rosa fashion to garner votes. Willful ignorance is more the norm than exception on this subject. The people most opposed to immigration reform are the ones least familiar with the system.

  2. Catherine Groggins

    Not true, ted cruz is the son of an immigrant from cuba. His dad came into us bribing people along the way. Ted is the champion of SAY NO TO Immigration reform. After all he does not have to beg congress to legalize his father, having pased through the door, ted cruz want the door shut and the key thrown away. He is the most vocsl against immigrants.

  3. “At one time or another, acceleration of population growth . . . has been sought by militarists in need of cannon fodder, by rulers in search of hegemonic expansion, by industrialists in want of cheap and docile labor, by ECCLESIASTICAL SPOKESMEN in search of souls, and by land and other speculators hungering for unearned increment.” Joseph J Spengler

    ” . . . the greatest destroyers of man’s options are the growth and excessive concentration of population.” Joseph J Spengler

  4. There seem to be a lot of people who believe Obama can just deport 11 million people with a snap of his finger, but he’s so evil that he’s keeping them here.

    All I know is that there is a girl that goes to school with my daughter who found out that she wasn’t born here about 2 years ago. She’s not well off, living in a studio apt with her mom. (dad’s long gone) She’s now in 5th grade. Almost a straight A student. Fluent in english and chinese.

    Yet still, there are people who go to church every Sunday, but feel it would be perfectly fine to Deport this girl and her mom.

    I’m glad the Catholic church is starting to support the individual rather than support politicians. I’m glad the new pope is more concerned with helping people than condemning them.

    I just wish the evangelical community could follow suit, and be less hateful in their political views.

    • I always joke to the nativist crowd that there are only 2 governments who were any good at deporting millions at a time. Nazi Germany and Stalin’s USSR.

      It gets really vicious when discussing the DREAM act. There are people who want to tell youth willing to contribute to society and even die for our country that they are some kind of criminal scum. Its just malice incarnate

  5. This is what I call the “Judge Dredd” argument. Someone saying “the law is the law” but is completely unaware of what those laws are. Not exactly the most intelligent argument to make in a democracy. A nation where nobody is supposed to take our laws as a given without some justification.

    Its interesting that the website is a link to an immigration lawyer website which discusses reform. Shilling for customers?