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CANTERBURY, England (RNS) Alan Wilson, bishop of Buckingham, criticized the church’s stance of not recognizing same-sex marriage as “sheer cruelty” and “morally outrageous,” adding: ”Most gay people would be happier out, including bishops.”


  1. Okay. We gotta talk about this. There is NO excuse for this kind of insane gay activist mess from profane men calling themselves Christians (and soiling the label in the process). They’re destroying the Church of England.

    Therefore if there are any Christians left in the so-called Church of England, PLEASE stand up now and declare WAR on these no-good **alleged** clergy guys like Wilson, Coward and Welby. Rip the Church of England in half if need be, fragment it into 500 pieces if you have to, but absolutely GET RID of all these skunk-souled clergy traitors already!!!

  2. More major Christian denominations every year come to reject institutionalized homophobia, and the hate speech from the few remaining anti-gays won’t stop that progress.

  3. What does being gay or heterosexual have to do with Your job title if you’re celibate and not acting on your impulses? It’s the profession you have taken upon yourself, so live it! if you don’t like it, quit and do something else for a living. Pretty simple!