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NEWARK, N.J. (RNS) The Archdiocese of Newark in recent years quietly entered the headstone and mausoleum business, a lucrative venture for which the archdiocese acknowledges it must pay a particular state tax. So far, it hasn’t paid a penny.


  1. It’s sad to see yet another Catholic bishop claim he’s above the law. We know Catholic bishops in California committed criminal acts to throw the 2008 California anti-gay H8te Vote because the US Supreme Court is now in possession of an email they wrote to Mormon leaders promising to commit those criminal acts and hide their activities from authorities. The federal judge who revoked the 2008 California anti-gay H8te Vote had in his possession an email written by Catholic bishops to Mormon leaders in which they both agreed to violate California campaign finance laws to throw the H8te Vote by making secret, illegal cash and in-kind contributions to the H8te Vote. The email serves as proof positive they knew they were breaking the law; the email itself is an act of criminal collusion. Here is documentation about that email: