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(RNS) More than half of lawmakers received F's on church-state issues in a report card issued by the Secular Coalition of America.


  1. Edward Borges-Silva

    Secularism, Humanism, and Atheism are all forms of specific belief systems, i.e. religion, if you will. The American Heritage Dictionary lists as its 4th definition of religion: “a cause, set of principles, or activity pursued with zeal or dedication.”
    Edwina Rogers betrays her own demand for ‘pluralism’ by requiring members of congress abandonment of their cherished personal principles as they debate and legislate the issues facing this nation, this is wholly against all democratic tradition. Rogers’ insistence on secularism as the sole echo from the halls of government has no basis in American history.

    • You kinda missed an important part of the difference between religion and any other belief system. Your omission is quite telling of the level of honesty employed in the discussion.

      Religion is more than a belief. You are missing the fact that it requires belief in one or many supernatural beings.

      Humanism and secularism are silent on that. They are not opposing viewpoints to religion. Only views of its role in society. Positing they are opposing views to a religion a deliberate misrepresentation. Atheism would be considered that. Atheism is not a religious belief in of itself. It is the lack of one. Since religion requires belief in the supernatural, atheism would not be a religion.

  2. This is one of the main reasons this I usually vote Republican. Democrats have no commitment to moral values.

    • Elliot J. Stamler

      This comment is both stupid and insulting. I am a Democrat, a religious person, and I certainly have a commitment to moral values as I understand them. Perhaps you mean, Jim, a commitment to YOUR moral values which probably is exclusively concerned with the sex life of total strangers.