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(RNS) A new book, “Thank You, Billy Graham,” has been compiled by the evangelist’s grandchildren, sharing the gratitude expressed by Christians across the globe about his decades of influence.


  1. Look at the money. That will disclose the real meaning of all the crusades. Graham followed a few less notable gospel preachers who made it big money-wise in their crusading before him. He has been followed by many more, like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and all those owners or managers of the mega-churches that have replaced Graham’s crusades, especially in the South.

    Unless one misses the reality that using the bible as actual history or science, or that it had anything real to do with sociology or psychology rather than a representation of some of the mythology of ancient times, used as an evolution into present-day religion, everything is missed about those ancient writings and crusading peddlers.

    That’s how the Grahams have been able to own and live on a fenced-in mountain in North Carolina. That’s how all the Graham children and grandchildren, and the descendants of Falwell, Robertson, and mega-church owners, have been able to live like the Catholic Bishop “Bling” of Germany and the infamous current Bishop John Myers of Newark, NJ–who should be outright fired by Pope Francis.

    The big difference between the Protestants and the Catholics is that the Catholics have their own system of laws, canon law, and that is used to force Catholics into a submission of Catholic theology. That submission leads to the sex scandal and the sumptuous living of so many of their clergy.

    Like our voters pay little attention to the tactics of our civil politicians, church people pay insufficient attention to the tactics of their clergy. The people in the pews and in the auditoriums and on the radio and TV networks end up supporting all this royal clerical living. Follow the money!