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ST. LOUIS (RNS) as soon as the sermon starts, Hendrix sets himself apart, whipping out his sketchbook and pens to draw the pastor’s sermon.


  1. This is probably highly unusual for you to receive something like this?!? But is there a means to transmit a note (SEE BELOW) TO John Hendrix?!? I didn’t see any contact info for him on the website segment about him. SO, could I possibly ask YOU to transmit the note to him for me?!? You know, a stroke of one key or two, one click or two? THANK YOU SO MUCH. Please feel free to share with him our email address, if he would so like. (I’m unusual like this because I’m 65 y/o and NOT as culturally appropriate at this point in time as in my own youth?!?)


    Hi, John. I’m a reader, browser of some Internet webs now and then. I’m an ordinary citizen of this world, and a most contented one of the next–the new heaven and earth!

    I want to tell you how much I fancy the idea of your drawing sermons! I think that’s amazing and am wondering, then, if you are going to compile more books for children, beyond what you’ve already done?? for adults?? Who is the publisher of the books you’ve written so far??

    What happens (i.e., what do you draw, OR do you draw?) WHEN the sermon content is based upon doctrinal portions of Scripture, such as Romans, Galatians, etc?? Just curious. : )

    How long have you been drawing sermons?

    Thank you for your artisanship and obvious great love of the Word of God. I praise God in your earnest posture before the Word, and can imagine how loudly your life speaks just sitting and drawing as you do, in obvious great attentiveness, in desire of handling the Word of God with great esteem and wonder. USING THE GIFT OF IMAGINATION IN YOUR DRAWINGS/STORY ART, FOR COMMUNICATING THE WIDTH AND BREADTH OF THE GOSPEL!

    NOT that I know this, or that God calls you to this, but ‘I bet’ you could teach the Bible to kids very well?!? Maybe even TEENS, if you had some kind of device to display your work in some large instantly visual technique, AS you drew ‘Bible lessons’ and narrated whatever Scripture segment you might have chosen to present?? You would be taking a more personal space in front of people that way, than if they were just to sit in front of various dull video-d presentations or such. It might make the Word become more alive to many?!? : )

    I love the Word, too, and tried to communicate it in an Islamic country of West Africa. In FRENCH, to Muslim university students! AT an off-campus evangelical student center established by missionaries. (Over 6-7 years, I was among the modest # of missionaries that staffed the center, but was immeasurably blessed by their great interest and questions!)

    Eventually I came to wonder if their avid genuine interest wasn’t driven in GREAT PART by their culture of poverty, their daily life. (I mean, the Sahara Desert is the Sahara Desert, you know?!? Which is NOT developed AT ALL in vast remote regions; and then only rather poorly developed along its long southern border, where we were in one spot.) BUT, there were those students who didn’t want to be idle–even though most likely it would be joblessness that would be facing them in their near-future.

    There were those students whose keen minds and spirits were almost always rather instantly interested in things of the spirit of man and of God–who weren’t distracted by multi-media overload and white noise all around them!

    Many were also interested in learning English, in their desire to be a part of the whole world beyond them and the Sahara. I was asked by the director of the center to attempt ‘teaching English’, to offer it, make it available to interested students. I learned by my language handicap, that in any kind of teaching instance–when one could DRAW OUT (on a big ole blackboard made with some kind of paint on wood) depictions of truth of any type, it would help the students to visualize and understand, beyond the language barriers–mine and theirs!

    Well, that’s years of incredible memories now–though they still live as stories in my mind. I wish they were drawn out so as to be seen, even if ‘from afar.’ Maybe I will attempt to WRITE them out with WORDS sometime, as if I were painting on canvas, or sketching on paper?? :)

    Well, again, thank you for your zeal for the Lord and His every word. All praise be to the only living God Who ‘sent His only Son, so that whoever would believe in Him might find eternal life.’ OR, as one physics major exclaimed to me one day, when reading a French Bible together–Genesis 1–“STOP, MADAM! What do you mean when it says here the God spoke?!?! ALLAH does not speak! No one as ever heard His voice. He is far more excellent than men to speak to them. Even Mohammed was delivered messages by angels. But it says here, that ‘God spoke’! … Yes. He did, as utter astonishment crossed this student’s face. But then ‘wonder’ set in, upon his face. Then logical inquiry, though with hesitant breath: ‘Well, if He did speak, madam…if He did…what all did He say?’ WE READ ON FOR HOURS, THEN ON MANY OTHER DAYS, THEN FOR MONTHS! AT WHICH POINT, he then traveled to see his family out in the desert, telling me he wanted to share with them about the True LIVING God! He came back in a month, telling me that as his patriarchal beloved father and uncle heard him give account of what he had learned of the Christian’s God, THEY ASKED HIM TO TELL THEM ALL THAT HE HAD SPOKEN, TOO! THEY sat in astonishment, too, around the night fire.

    Oh how matchless is our GOD, the ever-Sovereign One, the LIVING ONE, the ONE and ONLY, so beautifully majestic in all of His holiness…and in His speaking…in making Himself known to us. God be with you, John, with your mind and hands–blessedly “speaking,” through your drawings. Ann

  2. I saw I this article mentioned in a post on Facebookj from a friend and fellow student here at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. What this article doesn’t really state is that there are more and more of us doing this type of worship and creating. My work is part of my combined Spiritual Discipline, Theological Study, Art as a form of Liturgy and it all started as a way of coping with ADD and now has evolved in a method of Social Justice/awareness. Please, when you have time take a look at my art.
    I will be having a show starting May 1st both here at Garrett-ETs in Evanston, IL and at Holy Covenant UMC in Chicago.
    Salaam – Steve

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