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(RNS) Creed frontman Scott Stapp speaks with enthusiasm about reclaiming his life and his relationship with God. He is overjoyed to have escaped death and seeks to “pay my experience forward by helping others.”


  1. This is very wonderful/can help others not to drink/can be a warning
    to people to not go down that road and can also help people to stop
    getting drunk if they have already started to become a drunkard. If
    you say you love Jesus and then don’t follow Him/the Bible/religion no
    Truth is in you! Bible is here to show us how to live so we don’t fall into
    sin yet so many in church want to just live however then still go to
    heaven which is wrong because Jesus many will say to Me Lord,Lord
    and not enter heaven so this is a great thing to show people not to
    follow their sinful desires. The wine Jesus made was new wine and
    was not tainted/diluted plus the Bible says don’t get drunk on strong
    wine so people who still get drunk with wine are also wrong as well.

    • Nowhere in your ramblings are you coherent or even remotely Biblically accurate. In fact, what you said is pretty unbiblical and unchristian entirely.

      Good for you, Scott.

  2. I don’t know what you are talking about Stuart B. because everything
    I wrote is right out of the Bible. Read all of the Bible not just part of
    it and your response just shows how accurate the Bible is when
    it comes to all false Christian/lukewarm people being the hardest
    to reach because they can’t see their sin for what it is/don’t want
    to Repent/think their sin is not that bad. That’s why so many people
    only want to talk about gay marriage and/or abortion so they
    don’t have to face their own sin like getting drunk,being mean,
    sharp tognues,gambling,gossip,coveting/jealousy. If you read
    what I wrote I was praising the aritcle/story so you are the one
    who is way off base! Why do Christians still get drunk,be mean,
    gossip,gamble,sell sex,smoke dope/cigars,covet,sleep around,
    have premarital sex/sex outside of marriage? They’re not really
    Christians! Read 1 Corinthians 5 and 6 the whole chapters.

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