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(RNS) Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a Roman Catholic, will give the keynote at the evangelical university Jerry Falwell founded.


  1. Gov. Jindal should wear a toga. Or, the students could show at his speech in togas. Imagine the press coverage!

  2. Politicians + Proselytizing = More Atheists

    Speak up Bobby! Curse some gays, please.
    Get Sarah Palin to say a few words of Jesus in your favor.


    • De'Ldrick Byrd

      You Can’t Judge Anybody Base On What Sex Gender They Like, It’s Ignorant.

  3. Edward Borges-Silva

    From what I’ve gathered about Gov. Jindal, he seems to be a reasonably intelligent and capable figure, but running for the presidency would seem a bit premature. However, President Obama was elected on a pretty thin record. Still, unless the economy tanks completely (again) it’s unlikely a Roman Catholic moderate to conservative politician could be elected.

    • Jindal’s rebuttals to the State of the Union Address were so notoriously inept that many conservative politicians urged him not to do them again.

      The man has spent much of his time running what was left of Louisiana’s moribund public education system into the ground. Throwing taxpayer money on religious schools and promoting Creationism (as to guarantee Louisiana stays in the bottom 3 states for science and math achievement)

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