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(RNS) Reflecting on Sister Lillian’s life, I feel relieved of my fear of death. It’s not because I’m suddenly certain that there’s an after-life. Even Sister Lillian once remarked, “None of us knows what happens after we die. We just believe.”


  1. “The real question is not whether there is life after death, but whether there is life before death.”

    Yes! That is a good question to contemplate … Who were you before you were born?

    It is also a wise practice to contemplate your death. Not morbidly! We fear what we do not face. It can also lead to realizing just how precious this human life is.

  2. Nothing makes life cheaper than the notion that this life
    is just a doormat to some better place.

    “Home” is not someplace else. It is here and now.
    We do not fear the year 1631 because it is complete emptiness.
    We were not alive yet.

    And death? Perfect, eternal rest. Gone.
    As if you never existed. You live on in the legacy you leave behind with those you love and whose hearts you treasure.

    So don’t waste it.