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(RNS) This year the 12 people who will have their feet washed by Pope Francis include nine Italians, one Muslim from Libya, a young man from Cape Verde and an Ethiopian woman


  1. Thank you so much for this powerful piece. After more than fifty years as an ordained pastor, I need this reminder of true humility. Nothing is more powerful than the model of Jesus in washing to disciples’ feet.

    Parallel to ministry I have also been a freelance journalist including a stint with the BBC. As such I have deep respect and gratitude for RSS.

    Thank you again so much,

    Wayne Detzler, PhD
    Sacred Heart University

  2. People with Down syndrome do not “suffer”. It is not a disease. This is highly offensive to the Down syndrome community!

  3. Kevin Eckstrom

    Article author

    Melanie, that’s a good point, and apologies for any unintended offense. The list of participants was copied-and-pasted from a Vatican press release. That’s their language, not ours. That said, you’re correct, and we’ve made the change.