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(RNS) While Boston’s Muslims acknowledge that many people still associate their religion with terrorism, they also believe that by being involved in events like the Boston Marathon, they are breaking that link.


  1. The Great God Pan

    The headline claims these runners face “suspicions” for taking part in the marathon. It says they are “determined” to run, as if someone is trying to stop them. But the article provides no evidence that anyone is worried about their participation, let alone tried to keep them from running.

    Is RNS in the business of inventing fake controversies to draw more clicks?

  2. Seems we hear more from the likes if these than we do those hurt by then, are they forgotten already what have we become? More interested in portraying some as harmless bystanders willing to show some ivory for the media than the harsh reality of a culture bent on conquest at all cost. Some are no longer being duped.

  3. Recently read an article in the newspaper about Muslims being surrounded and threaten by CHRISTIANS in Africa. As I read the article I thought these people do not sound like any Christians I have ever known. Then I wondered how many times have Muslims read articles that headline horrible things Muslims have done and have thought “they do not sound like myself or Muslims I associate with.” My caregiver is a Muslim and I could not have a better person caring for me. When I first engaged his services six years ago we made an agreement he does not try to convert me and I do not try to convert him. I pray daily that I will live my life in such a way that he will be led to conversion, but regardless if he is or not he is a good man and loves God. I leave the rest to the Holy Spirit. He sees to it that I am in church several times a week and every Sunday. He sits next to me in silence and helps me to the front for Communion. A man or woman’s character speaks volumes.