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(RNS) The shift to make popes into saints could backfire if the public assumes that every pontificate comes with an automatic -- or at least expected -- halo.


  1. The wonder is that it has taken so very many centuries for the people in the pews–and many clergy and religious–to recognize the church politics involved in the business of making saints.

    We claim the Almighty and heaven to be infinite, yet we dare to announce who has made it through the pearly gates. That seems rather presumptuous. But again, it’s church politics all dressed up in ceremonies and regalia, flowers, candlelight, and music.

    Heaven is already so full we can’t keep up with it with “Books of the Saints.” Time the practice is stopped. Among many others. Why aren’t dress clothes like the people in the pews wear good enough for the sanctuary. That was what was used in the Jesus communities before Constantine turned everything royal.

    Of course, that murderer wasn’t baptized until he was on his death bed, and we don’t even know if he was aware of what was being done to him. No one exploited religion for political purposes more than Constantine.

  2. the whole canonization process has been and is a joke magnified by the latest two to be canonized. both are such controversial figures. both sought sainthood through fame rather than ‘saintly’ lives. the entire process is ridiculous, as the church claims the power to say who is in heaven as a definite. one firstly have to believe in an afterlife, something which not even the church can prove as a definite before one can even start to talk about heaven. As far as my knowledge goes, no one ever came back from the dead to say that heaven does exist, or who is there. strange isnt it, that the one thing the church is certain about it cannot prove. The Catholic church states that only saints are absolutely definitely in heaven, where then are those who are beatified, and even worse, where are the others. Where are great people like M. K. Ghandi and other great folk. John Paul II was the biggest joke in the canonization process as he rushed through sainthood ridiculously quickly. due to this it is likely that the church will lose its sanctity. I am not asking for the church to go back to it;s conservative and slow process, but rather for the church to stop this crazy system of canonizing the dead. Also it is time that the church come clean and not hide it’s archives from the world. if it is from “God”, it will survive even the worst onslaught. so why hide all it’s false teachings and lies. Surely there are much better educated people in the Catholic church than I am, why do they not challenge the authorities. must people be misled for another couple of millenia?