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(RNS) Some doubted whether the Protestants and Jews of the Christian-Jewish Roundtable would ever come together again. They did.


  1. Those of the Jewish faith and liberal Christians should be able to find common ground in that neither believes the New Testament is God’s inspired Word, that Jesus is necessarily divine and risen, that faith in Jesus is the only way to the Father, or that people need to convert to Christianity to be saved in the afterlife. That should be plenty of common ground on which to make a start.

    • One out of two. As usual the Fundie is trying to define a religion as to only include their views. Anyone else is allegedly just not doing it right.

      Somehow you have gotten it in your head that Christians are only people who you deem as such. It must be a great boost to your ego to make such pronouncements. So much false pride and sectarian prejudices at once. This is the reason people become fundies. So they can believe that they can choose who is really “tight with God” and who isn’t.

      Any Christian who takes your view would be unable to deal with people of other faiths in a sane fashion without hurling insult both intentional and otherwise. More likely to cause rifts than mend them. After all why should you care about how you are received by people of other faiths anyway? They are all hellbound if they don’t follow like you do.