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VATICAN CITY (RNS) A Costa Rican mother of four says she was healed of an inoperable brain aneurysm after praying to Pope John Paul II and receiving a message of "don't be afraid."


    • I don’t know about miracles but John Paul 2 was no saint. Fr.Liugi Villa clearly demonstrated this:

      • melania anna rose muskva

        Yes he was and is a saint. He is my saint. He was a man who knew God and walked with God all the days of his life. He traveled over 127 countries spreading the word of God. Talking and all these people to love each other and to live in peace with each other. On April 2 2005 he went to the house of His Father. Blessed is Pope Saint John Paul 2nd. AMEN

  1. With regard to the canonizations of 27th April 2014. They are at best highly problematic if not outright wrong.

    • Yes, we heard you the first time.
      We’ll all pray for you.

      There, now you really have something to complain about.

  2. It’s a shame that it’s taken over 50 years to canonize John XXIII. I wonder why they couldn’t have waited a couple of years for John Paul II and given Nohn XXIII his own moment.

  3. There has never been a miracle. Not one. We live in a natural world, not a world of the supernatural. Pity so many are deluded into believing the unbelievable.

    • The pity is – you do not! Take a walk in a garden – open your eyes, look at the beauty of nature around you… where do you think it all came from.

  4. How does that work? How do the two dead popes perform miracles? I thought that only God could perform a miracle. Do the popes ask God for miracles? If so, isn’t it God that performs the miracles? Wasn’t it God who allowed these people to get deathly sick? This all smacks of self delusion and superstition.

    • Nowadays most people have precious little education in theology and Christianity. Miracles are attributed to the one who intercedes, while the ultimate origin is from God, as Jesus said “my Father doeth the the works”. That there is sickness, or trouble of any sort is not an argument against God. Any study of Christianity will show you that the answer to your complaint has been dealt with the the greatest minds of the last 2000 years. You might spend a little time learning about it.

      • And THAT has always been the issue with people who believes that they know better. And they are actually ignorant of the faith. Sad.

    • Read your Bible! Jesus said, “if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to the mountain, move over here, and it will move”
      Miracles are God working through the intercession of the saints.
      Just as sports heroes and military heroes inspire, so do the saints inspire.

  5. John Paul did not perform the miracle. We pray to the dead, angels and saints to intercede for us to our Lord Jesus Christ to his father. Our pure and faithful belief in our God. Prayers should come from the heart, the Holy Father instructs, looking at and hearing God and asking for his guidance.

  6. Why do these non believers even read this site? If they think there is no god then why do they need to fight against him so hard?

    • Talk about intolerance, huh? That is the problem with the non-believers, they need to constantly disprove His existence. I wonder why they bother at all.

  7. Great are the works of the lord in thier lives such that even after mortal death God still announces in other ways that these are my heroes of faith, my beloved in whom I am pleased. Pls pray for us that we get there someday. Amen

  8. A real miracle would have not given Cardinal Law a job in Rome to escape prosecution in the U.S. for covering up abuse. Another miralcle would be healing the wounds of all the abuse victims. I believe John Paul was a sentimentally pious man an sincere, but that does not translate into action or sainthood.

  9. One needs to forgive or else you will not be forgiven, Just as St. John Paul II did, It is hard to forgive but we could only do it with Jesus help. The TRUTH will set you free. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.
    You need to pray for faith, God loves us, we just need to respond to his love, and follow him, so you can go to heaven where we know that these two popes are.

  1. […] Floribeth Mora Diaz fought back tears on Thursday (April 24) as she claimed that the late Pope John Paul II had saved her from an inoperable brain aneurysm three years ago. Mora will be on hand at Sunday’s historic ceremony in St. Peter’s Square as Pope Francis canonizes both John Paul and Pope John XXIII, the Italian pontiff known as “Good Pope John.” The Costa Rican mother of four faced the world’s media to explain how her inexplicable recovery was a miracle that had led to the popular Polish pope being declared a saint. Two miracles have been attributed to John Paul’s intercession with God, paving the way for his sainthood. [Read more] […]