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WASHINGTON (RNS) Conservative Anglicans expressed concerns over "backlash" to a new anti-gay law in Uganda, not gays and lesbians who may face prison.


  1. Gasp! Anti-gays in the US are constantly WHINING that their intended LGBT victims are “the real bullies.” This “Global Anglican Future Conference” has now taken that routine anti-gay lie to a new low.

  2. SeekTruthFromFacts

    This is a very North American interpretation of the statement. The item which you consider most important is a subclause in the fifth of seven paragraphs. The financial element is mentioned nowhere in the original document. Nowhere do the primates state their opinion on the Uganda law. When a group of leaders release a statement on an issue that avoids the key question, that usually indicates a split. Where is the reporting to discover whether that they are split on the issue?

    • The Great God Pan

      “Nowhere do the primates state their opinion on the Uganda law.”

      There are ways of making an opinion known without stating it outright.

    • Oh please STFF, over the past year or so as this law has unfolded leaders of these con evo groups have indicated support for repressing lesbians/gays in nigeria and elsewhere. Check out the website Thinking Anglicans, based in the UK for more details. It’s all there.

      Kurt Hill
      Brooklyn, NY

  3. I Think this an attempt to drug the Gafcon primates into unnecessary politics other than taking their statement towards spiritual and humanitarian concerns. The author has a very high skill of skewing things!!

  4. Okay, that was two deflections, but neither of them was really very good. But thanks for telling readers how embarrassing you think this is. Gotcha.

    • Because they are getting a lot of encouragement from American Evangelical backers to push this sort of thing.

    • Well, Christopher, regarding African poligamy, American Episcopalians are willing to allow for “local context.” After all, while we disagree with it, it does not entail the murder or imprisonment of fellow Christians. The African anti-gay laws are completely different, and the con evo Gafcon crowd are total hypocrits.

      Kurt Hill
      Brooklyn, NY

  5. Padre Kinsey

    It is curious to me that no one has mentioned the fact that the Ugandan Archbishop has made significant strides in moderating this law, recommendating the removal of the death penalty, to reduce sentencing guidelines through a principle of proportionality, and to remove the clause on reporting homosexual behaviour.

  6. I’ve known (now) Bishop John Guernsey for over 20 years. He was always a man filled with profound love and leadership. I am completely mystified at his profound about-face, his move to a hate-filled, exegetically unsound position. To support the Ugandan law and vicious persecution of LGBT people is the opposite of the man I knew. For balance, I do know Bishop Gene Robinson (ret.) as well. He definitely reflects the sort of person John Guernsey used to be. It is, in part, people like those in this Anglican communion that are a part of my decision to walk away from Christianity and the hate that it represents in this country and abroad.

  1. […] Leaders of the conservative wing of the worldwide Anglican Communion equate the experiences of Ugandans who support a new anti-gay law with those of victims of an earthquake or a terror attack. The Global Anglican Future Conference — made up chiefly of Anglican archbishops in Africa, Asia and Latin America — concluded a two-day meeting in London on Saturday (April 26) with a statement that expressed concern for violence in South Sudan and Northern Nigeria. It then said: “We are equally concerned for the affected communities in Chile from the recent earthquake, terrorist attacks in Kenya, and the backlash from the international community in Uganda from their new legislation.” [Read more] […]

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