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WASHINGTON (RNS) Trying yet again with new voices added to their cause, more than 250 evangelical pastors came to Washington on Tuesday to continue their push for Congress to enact immigration reform.


  1. michael pocock

    I am personally pleased to see evangelicals continuing to press for comprehensive immigration reform. I know it looks bleak for this year in Congress. I earnestly hope a bipartisan effort can be made after the August recess. Politically conservative evangelicals need to listen to the drumbeat throughout Scripture on the just, even loving, treatment of aliens. Kudos to the evangelical presidents of seminaries and church leaders who are part of the Evangelical Roundtable. You help make the voice of reason, equitability and really the traditional American Dream possible for newcomers to this country.

  1. […] Trying yet again with new voices, more than 250 evangelical pastors came to Capitol Hill on Tuesday (April 29) to push for immigration reform. “I didn’t want people to think this was only a Hispanic issue,” said Eugene Cho, pastor of Quest Church in Seattle, at a news conference before meeting with dozens of mostly Republican members of Congress. “This is impacting a lot of people, including Asian-Americans.” Cho, who is of Korean descent, was among the new faces demonstrating support for immigration reform across racial and ethnic groups and denominations. [Read more] […]