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NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) The Rev. John Makokha ministers to sexual minorities and counsels family members who find their loved ones’ sexual orientation disturbing. His passion is to see an end to what he calls “religious homophobia.”


  1. I love his work and applaud him for risking much. The church must deal better than we have with this issue. Still, he uses science in a way that makes it appear that God needs to brush up on biology. As a Christian, I wonder how he views scripture – as written by fallible, uninformed men or as inspired by a God who created us and knows everything about life and its workings. Per his comments above, I also expect that sex was pretty well understood, both in history and by God.

  2. Kudos to the United Methodist Church for making real efforts (at least in this one case) to stick with the Scriptures, instead of rejecting the Scriptures.

    Jesus is “the friend of sinners”, not “the friend of sin.” It’s time for Makokha to figure out the difference — like right now!!

    • It’s so sad to see anti-gays attack anyone who won’t help them hurt LGBT people.

  3. “clergy resorting to hate, oppression and discrimination…”

    No surprise. This IS the Christian way. :-(
    The world would be so much better off without religion.