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(RNS) Richard Dieter, executive director of the nonprofit Death Penalty Information Center, said the Oklahoma case would add momentum to efforts to halt lethal injection until the process is better understood and there is more transparency to what states are trying to do.


  1. So, when are these no-good murderers and rapists going to “slam the brakes” on all THEIR death penalties that they’re putting on the women and babies?????

  2. What about THE VICTIM! The reason he was in prison was he beat, raped, duct taped STEPHANIE NEIMAN’s mouth shut. Then he shot her and buried her ALIVE! I think they should do to him just what he did to her, only slower ! The double standard of the media makes me sick!

    • …and if he was white, he would be 3x likely to be serving 25 years to life in the same state instead.

  3. Keith Rockefeller

    With all the dickering about lethal injection could we just go back to known proven methods like firing squad, hanging, or electrocution? A pistol bullet to the back of the head would have solved all of this a lot quicker, and sent this murderer to where he belongs.

    • Damn 8th Amendment getting in the way of good old fashioned revenge killing. Stupid Founders and their distaste of cruel and unusual punishment.

      Firing squads, hanging and electrocution are all great for public spectacle but when they get botched, it gets messy. Obviously one of the reasons lethal injection was used was because it didn’t leave a disgusting smelly mess on the floor like the other methods. It was allegedly least likely to get a display to disgust watchers.