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(RNS) Everything's political now, folks, from the National Day of Prayer to scientific facts to even Tea Party Jesus. Get caught up in today's Religion News Roundup.


  1. Hi Kevin: Actually, I prefer the previous way of doing the Roundup. This present approach is more streamlined, but I like having more commentary introducing the stories, which also allows the writers’ personal styles to come out more distinctly. I also prefer that you provide your own headings–which are often funny as well as intelligent–rather than simply replicating the story’s own headline in the Roundup (as you did today). The other Roundup arrangement gives the writers room to interpret a bit, not just give a laundry list of articles. It’s a great opportunity for readers to get a little extra insight from professionals who really know their stuff.

  2. The new format is OK, but let’s not get so brief that we don’t know what the story is about:
    “The pastor of the largest United Methodist congregation in America is sparking intense debate with his provocative new take on the Bible.”
    Ah, c’mon — at least give us a hint! What’s the new take? What’s provocative about it? This isn’t reporting, it’s just a headline and a shill for somebody else’s website.

  3. I like this new format the best…. Please keep this one.

    All you need now is Palatino Linotype as the typeface and it would be perfect.

  4. Dobson showed no class with his partisan, political and uncalled for remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast. Just another fanatical response by the right wing evangelical church to the black man in the White House. They say that color plays no part in their response to the President but seriously, does anyone really believe that now? After all, could you imagine Dobson doing that when Reagan was the President? Even when Clinton was the President could you have even thought that Dobson would have made those same remarks at what was supposed to be a non-partisan event? It’s an easy question to answer because both Reagan and Clinton were President and Dobson never said anything like that when Reagan and Clinton hosted those prayer breakfast’s back then. Let’s just be honest here, if you’re a right wing evangelical then you’re most probably upset at seeing a black President in your White House and if that President said each person in America wuld be given a million dollars for living expenses you would criticize that. No, we sane people are not going to be discouraged from the task of electing Progressives to office, rather, when Dobson, or someone like him, makes a non-partisan prayer breakfast into a political platform then it just strengthens our resolve to get the crazies out of office!

    • The Great God Pan

      “…Dobson never said anything like that when Reagan and Clinton hosted those prayer breakfast’s back then.”

      Just to clarify, Obama did not host this event, nor has he ever. Clinton never hosted one, either. Reagan (whose first term they began during) only hosted one, as did Bush the Elder. W. hosted one every year he was in office.

      These events are not the same thing as the National Prayer Breakfast (which Hahn actually co-chaired this year). They are organized by the National Day of Prayer Task Force, an explicitly Christian Right group out of Colorado Springs, and there is only the slightest effort made to pretend they are “nonpartisan.” In fact, James Dobson said after the 2012 presidential election that the NDPTF had prayed for Obama to be defeated.

  5. The Great God Pan

    The National Day of Prayer event attended by Congresswoman Hahn was sponsored by a Republican congressman and is run by a Christian Right outfit that happens to be chaired by James Dobson’s wife. Although the NDP is officially “non-sectarian” and was formally designated by Congress in the early 50’s, the big NDP event held annually in DC has been run by the right-wing National Day of Prayer Task Force since the early 80s and no Democratic president has participated in it. Even Reagan and Bush the Elder only took part once each.

    Given the event’s pedigree, why did Janice Hahn expect it to be non-partisan in the first place?