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SAN ANSELMO, Calif. (RNS) Innovation only makes sense when we recognize the broken, see the failure and our part in it.


  1. Tom,

    In all seriousness, the serenity prayer?
    “….which asks serenity to accept what cannot change, courage to change what can be changed, and “wisdom to know the difference.”

    This is at best a godless meditation and should remain so.
    One should ponder Acceptance, Courage and Wisdom for their own merits.
    These things are completely obviated by deferring to an imaginary Boss.
    God demands only Obedience and Fear.

    You have no rights under God’s rules to accept or reject anything.
    You have no possibility of Courage under abject Obedience to the boss!
    You cannot achieve Wisdom doing what the Boss tells you to do out of fear.

    Nothing beautiful or noble can come from the abject nonsense of ‘prayer’ to a god.