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WASHINGTON (RNS) “If history has any lesson to teach us about silence, it’s not a good one,” Cardinal Donald Wuerl said.


  1. I have news for all Christians and everyone else. No one anywhere should be forgotten, and everyone should be considered of full and equal worth no matter what religion or no religion at all.

    Religion is belief, not fact, not science.

    For that reason there must be absolute freedom for everyone to believe as they are convinced–as long as those beliefs to not interfere with any rights of anyone else. And non-belief must be respected every bit as much as any belief.

  2. Yes, Christians in the Middle East, the Balkans, Armenia, Africa and every other country where jihad raises its ugly head have been has been ignored. Why? The answer doesn’t fit with the narrative of multiculturalism and social justice of the mainline Christians who have given up the Gospel of Christ for the gospel of nice.

    And, for too long, the Christians have been endlessly divided over their own interpretations of Christian doctrine. United we stand, divided we fall. And we will fall to Islamic jihad if there is no recognition that war was declared on us 1,400 years ago, that it wanes and waxes, but never stops.

    • strugglingtostayum

      So agree!! I have been at odds with the UMC over their UNITY stand. How can we stand in unity when that person is trying to kill Christians. It is time to call it like it is and, as you said, quit trying to play nice. I have no right to kill someone or abuse anyone because they are Muslim/Islamic but I have the right to speak out. The comment that “it is only radicals” just will no longer work. If “radicals” in the UMC were out killing/trafficking in children and women/condemning to death a pregnant woman because she is Christian I would expect the WHOLE UMC to renounce them and kick them out of the church. Until the “peaceful” Muslims speak out and kick them out of the Islamic faith, this will never end. And realize, there are those that think Sharia law should be allowed in the USA.

  3. Israeli Palestinian Christians must be added to this list. They are excluded from all economic life in Israel. They are being squeezed out of Jerusalem neighborhoods by ultra-Orthodox Jews, their lands have been stolen by Jewish settlements, they are denied decent education and university access. Their access to jobs is curtailed by the Wall of Separation. Many have been jailed. Most young families are immigrating out of the country, leaving the older generation isolated and dying alone. This is purposeful strategy by the Zionist government to rid both Israel and Palestine of all non-Jews.

    • They don’t get any respect from the Palestinian governments either. They are persona non grata in Gaza-stan and completely pushed to the margins in The People’s Republic of Fatah. Neither the Arab League nor Iranian sugar daddies to the Palestinians care a bit about the Christians among them.

      There is ethnic cleansing going on but its mostly due to fellow Palestinians and their economic/military backers.