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(RNS) Two decades after the launch of the group, relations between evangelicals and Catholics appear stronger than ever, forged by shared battles over abortion, same-sex marriage, religious freedom and immigration.


  1. Aren’t Mormons, Jews, Muslims and my religiously unaffiliated neighbors good guys? Why does this have to be a “Christian” club?

    • dghart, probably because as Levering is quoted as saying in the fourth paragraph: “The first affirmation of Evangelicals and Catholics Together is that Jesus Christ is Lord, and there’s the source of our hope.”

  2. Let the endearing fellowship of ECT be an everlasting blessing to the hurting world waiting to be redeemed by the unity and the oneness of all believing Christians. His Word the Bible shall always be the guiding light through all generations and cut through all denominations. The blood of our Savior, Christ the Lord, the atonement of our human condition, cover all our humanity. Amen.