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WASHINGTON (RNS) The J Street dispute plays out against a backdrop of long-standing resentment among some more liberal Jews over the outsized influence of the smaller Orthodox movement, especially In Israel.


  1. I believe the general American public should be told more about the reasons why the Conference members oppose a two state solution for the Israelis and the Palestinians as advocated by J Street and the US government.


    • Lauren Markoe

      Lauren Markoe

      Article author

      The vast majority of conference members are advocates of a two state solution.

  2. That’s a question which is hardly new actually. It’s been asked at least since the early 1970s as I showed in my doctoral dissertation on the role of the US jewish community in the decision of the Reagan administration to recognize the PLO.
    J street inherited the mantle of earlier groups like Breira and the New Jewish Agenda which also defined their sense of Jewishness by their opposition to Israeli policies. To me it’s obvious that j street and the PLO have precious few policy differences so if j street is pro israel so too is the PLO.

  3. It would be nice if Israel could continue to exist. If history has taught us anything the Jewish people need a country which will guarantee their protection. Israel should be that country.

    And a two-state solution could solve the whole problem in about 10 minutes. Peace would flourish across the Middle East and all would be well.

    But the parties of God on both sides; Zionists and Islamists – have VETO POWER. And they can’t wait to blow things up.
    Because DESTROYING DIPLOMACY in favor of absolutist illusions is what religion is all about.

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