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VATICAN CITY (RNS) “We are all ashamed, terribly ashamed,” said Cardinal John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan, the archbishop of Abuja, in an interview aired on Vatican Radio.


  1. Stop whining about your weak president, sir. Stop waiting on weak Obama or the weak European Union (or your weak Pope, for that matter).

    You want your remaining girls back? Alive, that is? You don’t want Boko Haram to grab 300 MORE girls anytime they want? Then be a CHRISTIAN MAN and take care of BUSINESS already. What America did to Hitler, YOU do to Boko Haram!!

    You know what to do. You’re a Cardinal. You have access to Vatican money that, if transacted quietly, could rip Boko Haram a new one (one for each girl they kidnapped.) Full power machine guns, Grenade Launchers, huge Mortars and Artillery.

    What did Abraham do when the evil raiders kidnapped his relatives and ran off with them? He did the Godly thing and GOT A POSSE and taught the raiders A HOT LESSON till he got his relatives back!!

    So it’s time for you to do the Christian thing. Stop begging. Stop pleading. Stop being the doormat for rapists. Be a Christian Cardinal. Those girls didn’t deserve this. They need a man to go take care of Business. Go get the money, the munitions, and then DESTROY BOKO!!

  2. I second what Doc Anthony wrote.

    Being a Christian is not a license to commit suicide. Stand up Christian men and protect your women and children or else this will happen again and again

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