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“The freedom of religion doesn’t mean that every religion has to be heard. If we allow everything … where do you draw the line?” — Al Bedrosian, a member of the Roanoke County (Va.) Board of Supervisors, in an interview with the Roanoke Times about his plans to have a Christians-only prayer policy at county meetings after […]


  1. You make sure the prayer includes all faiths present at the meeting. That where you draw the line.

    • That might make sense to outside observers, but to “Christian nationists” like Bedrosian, that’s unacceptable. This is a “Christian nation,” therefore only Christianity will be represented in public. Other religions need not apply … and in fact, they’re required to be silent, unseen, and pray to the Christian deity whether they wish to or not.

      The mantra that “religious freedom is only for Christians” is becoming increasingly common among the Religious Right. Alabama’s Roy Moore, for example, recently declared exactly this: He went so far as to claim the First Amendment mentions a “creator God,” even though it very clearly does not; in other words, he brazenly lied.

      We’re right at the edge of having a Christocracy installed in the US. And we can thank Justice Kennedy’s fallacious appeal to tradition for it. I wish Bedrosian, Moore, and the rest of their ilk the best of luck in forcing this cynical godless agnostic heathen to convert to their Christianism, because it ain’t gonna happen. But they can (and apparently, might!) try.

  2. Al Bedrosian was convicted of assaulting a two year old child. The man is pond scum.

    • Don’t you dare say that! What’s wrong with you?! Do you have any idea how hurtful and demeaning your comment is? Pond scum never hurt anyone, it just wants to be left alone and do its own thing!