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(RNS) Choice and change reshape Hispanics' view of Catholicism, Protestant faiths and no faith at all.


  1. When are the churches going to admit that their claims of greatest growth in numbers, in Africa and in South America, is precisely related to literacy on those continents. The churches are losing members in areas where education is more available and learning has progressed more. That’s the opposite side of the same coin.

    When church members move to the more evangelical and charismatic branches of religion, it is because of a direct correlation between learning and the religious ideas and practices to which they subscribe, to which they can feel an emotional attachment. That difference between the religion of poor people and that of the more culturally and economically advanced in the West displays the same thing.

    Religion is integrally related to the non-religious aspects of every culture. Religion has grown out of mythology, and the acceptance of mythology is more literal among those of less advanced cultures. It has always been so. That is the nature of religion. Some are more sophisticated than others, but the influence of the sources is the same.

  2. I left the church at age 19. My experience with the church was one of disappointment… Living in a small town in Mexico, the priest had all the “power” to do as he pleased….abuse of the poor seemed to be the doctrine of his catholic faith. Coming to America gave me other options…for over 25 years I have enjoyed a new and liberating faith away from the tyranny of my catholic experience.

  3. Well… actually, if you look at U.S. Census estimates and take Pew’s percentage of Hispanics who consider themselves Catholic, the number of Hispanic Catholics fell from 34 million in 2010 to about 30 million in 2013.

    It would be interesting if Pew did a comparison of the absolute numbers of white Catholics vs. Hispanic and Asian Catholics. It’s possible that Catholics will not be majority nonwhite much earlier than the general population.

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