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COLLEYVILLE, Texas (RNS) Across the nation, faith-based organizations share gifts, hope and a new outlook on life with women in the sex industry.


  1. Powerful story. There are two strip clubs on my side of town and I have never heard of any outreach being done there. I am not naïve enough to think there is not prostitution and abuse present in the area. Thanks for the article that challenges me to not sit on the sidelines.

  2. Great article. Interesting that there’s no support from the left on this.

    Question for you – Can you tell me why do club owners let you in to their clubs and dancers dressing rooms?

    seems counter intuitive to me

    • The women with We Are Cherished bring gifts for everyone, from the bouncers to the club managers, and endeavor to treat everyone kindly, based on what Polly Wright told me in the interview. I think that probably helps with their reception, although a few clubs do turn them away.

    • Chris Anderson

      “Interesting that there is no support from the left on this?” Really? Have you conducted any research? Which Christians constitute “the left”? How does Jesus vote in US elections?

      Are you a Christian? If so, please stop the divisive, inflammatory comments and do God’s work helping others. Because evil works through ignorance and suspicion and hostility. And I suspect that God doesn’t care for mean people.