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They're devil worshippers. No, they're atheists. They're witches. Well, maybe, but not Wiccan. A quick look at Satanists, who currently worship controversial headlines.


  1. Announcer: “Adrian Woodhouse, you just kicked the fieldgoal which won the Super Bowl, what do you have to say to all of the people out there”

    AW: “I would like to thank my Mom, Dad, Aunt Minnie and Uncle Roman, who no longer is with us. Without their support, I would never have gotten here. And most of all. Hail Satan.”

  2. The great documentary “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey” includes a trip to Norway to investigate “black metal,” a disturbing subgenre. One interviewee, asked about the inspiration for his music, swirled a large glass of red wine (which bore an uneasy resemblance to blood), paused and said “Satan.” Asked what Satan means to him, he paused again and said “Freedom.”

    I don’t think black metal gained many fans.

  3. Seth Andrews’ podcast, “The Thinking Atheist” did a long segment on the Satanic Temple and it just sounds like a, harmless, fun, tongue-in-cheek group of people.

    It is fascinating that even Satanists apply the Golden Rule to their actions. Humans truly bring their own innate social sense of morality (‘treat others as you would like to be treated’) to everything we do.
    Unless, of course, they let Religion (supernatural nonsense) get in the way of it.

    I’ll speak to everyone’s fear:
    The psychopaths won’t find much of a welcome in any organization which follows the golden rule.

    • If they openly support the satanic mess called gay marriage, the Satanists will find plenty of welcome and money.

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    […] Satanists, curiously, had a big year in 2014. In Oklahoma City, the New York-based Satanic Temple unveiled plans to erect a monument to Satan on the state Capitol grounds (right next to a Ten Commandments monument); in Boston, the group held a controversial “Black Mass” near Harvard despite an outcry from local Catholics. Filmmaker Roma Downey, however, cut Satan from her biblical epic, “Son of God,” after some viewers pointed out that the actor playing Satan looked too much like President Obama. […]