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(RNS) A measles outbreak tied to a group of Amish missionaries in Ohio has reached 68 cases, giving the state the dubious distinction of having the most cases reported in any state since 1996, health officials say.


  1. The Great God Pan

    Preventable diseases like measles, pertussis and even polio are returning to a supposedly advanced nation due to factors ranging from the bizarre pre-modern lifestyles of the excessively pious Amish (I hope those missionaries traveled to the Philippines and back on wooden rafts, in keeping with their deeply-held opposition to technology) to the ennui-induced paranoia and “purity” obsessions of wealthy, white stay-at-home moms.

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  2. Thanks, Religion!
    More people in agony thanks to stone age stupidity.

    How I hate the philosophy which puts faith over reason.
    What destructive, evil nonsense is this God hypothesis.

    Next we’ll be having parents who won’t take their kids to the doctor
    to treat the measles because their faith tells them
    to smoke a goat for the Lord! (Exodus 29:18)

  3. What kind of idiots think its a good idea to do missionary work in a developing country, without receiving some kind of basic vaccinations?

    Its not a religious thing because the Amish didn’t have objections to vaccination. They just didn’t bother to think ahead.