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TEL AVIV, Israel (RNS) The church, under the aegis of the Roman Catholic Church in the Holy Land, has been in this primarily migrant worker neighborhood for the past five years. It serves both migrant workers and asylum seekers.


    • No need to be so sarcastic. If you’re an atheist, that’s your business, but, those of us who believe, can do without your sarcasm, thank you very much. Frankly, I can’t see why you bother accessing articles on religious matters.

  1. Br Prof M H Settelen

    The manic ultra orthodox, who are jostling & spitting upon Christians in Tel Aviv, revolting in Jerusalem & beating up female pilgrims to the remains of King Solomon’s Temple & refusing to wear the uniform of their own Nation, either as medics or chaplains (actually, not educated enough 2 b a Chaplain), no sons of King David here; & who have absoloutely no idea on how to sing
    His Psalter: therefore, we must send in the Vienna Boys &
    King’s Cambridge to Our Lady Woman of Valour, Tel Aviv
    to give a Master Class!
    Cc: The Guardian