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(RNS) How can a 60-year-old Supreme Court decision still be shaping religious life in America? It's because race still divides us.


  1. Part of the reason that so many churches are failing to attract younger people is because the churches insist in sticking with the same old myths that were swallowed whole by their grandparents.

    Myths such as the age of the planet we share, Adam and Eve, a burning hell for people who simply do not believe exactly as the churches attempt to foist down the throats of their members.

    We now know that the earth is about 4.3 billion years old, that human life began in Africa, not the middle east and that we evolved from a “lower” form of life, we did not come out of a mud puddle and that the center of earth is filled with molten iron, not some devils and demons poking us with trident forks.

    Today’s young adults don’t believe in “THE DEVIL” that frightened their parents and grandparents. They may or may not accept the Satan as God’s prosecuting attorney, but they don’t “buy” a creature who can imitate the voice of God.

    Churches will either live or die on whether they can change their teachings to represent the actual words of the bible and not the theology of man.