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WASHINGTON (RNS) The bill was suggested by Jewish groups who pointed out the frequent desecration of Jewish cemeteries abroad, especially in nations that once had significant Jewish populations.


  1. Glyndon Morris

    So does this include the routine digging of Native American burial sites? How about so-called archaeological unearthing of slave cemeteries? What a crock.

  2. Gyndon – Shhhhh…..

    Many of those who say “religious freedom” mean “protecting some Abrahamic religions”, and consider other religions to be heresy.

    Yes, religious freedom needs to include all religions, regardless of where they started. Still, this is at least a good step, which I support.

  3. Charles Freeman

    Another move by the radical Fundamentalist-Evangelical House! I wish that this Congress could simply be laughed off as inane and ludicrous, but it is symptomatic of the religious fervor of the far political right. These differences are no longer as simple as conservative versus liberal. Some would like to make it seems so, but “it ain’t”. The Fundamentalist Christian bodies in the U. S. have been, and are, conducting war on their own more middle-of-the-road brethren, as well as those of other faiths and those who have no religious allegiance. They have invaded the Supreme Court, Congress, the administration of both political parties, the military, state and local governing bodies, and education. This House bill is just another small bite out of the First Amendment.

    • Garson Abuita

      I am troubled that you think combating religiously-motivated cemetery vandalism is a “radical” or “fundamentalist” move. I am amused that you think Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY) is an evangelical operative.

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