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(RNS) No longer just a former president, he’s Jimmy Carter 3.0: The globe-trotting, Sunday school-teaching, house-building elder statesman is living out his faith through humanitarian causes -- seeking to conquer the abuse of women and eradicate global disease.


  1. Jimmy Carter continues to be a disaster.

    ” ‘Religion always functions best AT THE MARGINS of society and not in the councils of power, and I think Jimmy Carter’s career illustrates that beautifully,’ said Balmer”

    Ridiculous! Jimmy Carter was the first openly ‘BORN AGAIN’ president! He stuck religion right in our faces every day!

    We have suffered tremendously from this religious nonsense in politics ever since:
    Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Huckabee, G.W. Bush – and all the Bible Thumpers – they owe everything to the blurring of Church and State that this idiotic president started in the 1970s.


    Carter says, “I have become convinced that the most serious and unaddressed worldwide challenge is the deprivation and abuse of women and girls, largely caused by a FALSE INTERPRETATION OF CAREFULLY SELECTED religious texts…”

    OH, REALLY???
    Texts like…..
    “And the daughter…if she profane herself by playing the whore, she profaneth her father: she shall be burnt with fire.” (Leviticus 21:9)


    “ ‘He’s done so many wonderful things in his humanitarian role, which grows out of his faith,” George said.”

    FAITH is NOT what he is following – apparently Carter is too stupid to realize it.

    Jimmy Carter behaves like a Humanist because he cares about people. Not religion.
    HE became a humanist and abandoned his religion when he stopped believing that people could be slaves.
    HE became a humanist and abandoned his religion when he stopped being racist.
    HE became a humanist and abandoned his religion when he rejected the Bible’s laws regarding women’s place in society.

    Jimmy Carter is a generally good man who happens to be stupid.
    He hurt the Constitution. He hurt America by preaching Jesus. He hurt Humanism by pretending it has something to do with Jebus.

    Though I cannot argue with all the good Carter has done in diplomacy, overseeing fair voting and building homes for the poor – I THOROUGHLY REJECT the claim that his Humanism is coming from his religion.

    His humanism is coming from the same place that ATHEIST Bill Gates and ATHEIST Warren Buffett get their humanism.
    Humanism comes from being a human being and trying to be DECENT toward others.

    Jesus has nothing to do with that!
    “Bring to me those enemies of mine who would not have me as their king and execute them in front of me.” – Jesus (Luke 19:27)

    Jesus is the anti-humanist!

      • @Farley,

        Of Course I understand what Luke 19:27 is
        and you should take no solace that it is the parable of the minas.

        Jesus is instilling fear and he knows it!

        Jesus says “Execute them in front of me” – the primary lesson of the Parable is

        It is a parable about absolute obedience.
        To see that Jesus speaks such garbage should break the spell of Christianity it its tracks. But it is stubborn.

        This is an indefensible parable.

  2. I have never been ashamed to say I voted for Carter twice and I have never believed his presidency was as big a failure as Republicans have always claimed. Carter was a compassionate man who attempted to make American policies compassionate as well. His emphasis on human rights as a guide for American foreign policy may have seemed naive to some, but I wish the US was innocent of Guantanamo, waterboarding, and extrajudicial rendition. Carter believed in a government as good as the American people, but maybe he saw America through tinted glasses. Maybe we weren’t that good.

  3. Plaid pants and plastic shoes…
    …the CB radio fad…
    …gas lines…
    …Jimmy Carter…
    Much of the 70’s is best forgotten.

  4. Jimmy is the best of Presidents! I was in Georgia, I was there for his acceptance speech as Georgia governor. That speech is one of the best southern US governor speeches ever! Our hat is off to Jimmy. God bless you for eternity!

  5. Hold the Phone

    Atheist Max,

    You’re entitled to your beliefs (or lack of them) and to define your own position and call yourself whatever you want (humanist, atheist, or whatever). You have no business saying that someone else is not motivated by their religious beliefs when they say they are. And your definition of “humanism” seems strangely lacking if it doesn’t allow you to have compassion for people whose beliefs are different than yours. You may disagree with President Carter; your claim that he is “stupid” is neither compassionate or easily defensible.

    • @Hold the Phone,

      Yes. I was out of order.
      You properly said, “You have no business saying that someone else is not motivated by their religious beliefs when they say they are.”

      The issue is not my compassion. President Carter is being incoherent and this should be noticed by anyone who truly cares about compassion.

      It brings me no joy that Hamas and Hezbollah do humanitarian works. I’m sure Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam does lots of good deeds. That doesn’t make the Farrakhan’s religion true or good. Similarly Carter’s religion is the very danger he claims to be against!

      Carter’s embrace of faith is a public embarrassment.
      His application of faith to defend Biblical teaching is stupid – as in stupefying – because in the same breath he rejects Biblical authority regarding its texts.
      Carter says the Bible is ‘misunderstood’ on the matter of women. But frankly he is being lazy.

      Carter should apply more thought to what he is spreading around. A true humanitarian would call the Bible what it deserves to be called; DANGEROUS GARBAGE.

    • @Hold the Phone,

      When President Carter claims Jesus as his motivation I really don’t get it.
      Jesus ENDORSED what Carter claims to be against:

      Raping your neighbor’s wife is a proper way to punish… her husband!
      A Woman who is raped must marry her rapist.
      A beautiful slave woman is a sex gift from God!
      Rape is to be expected as a gift from God for winning a military victory.
      Offering a virgin to be raped is a good way to calm down a crowd of angry men.

      The PROFOUND dishonesty at the heart of this nonsense must be exposed.
      You cannot be a believing Christian and also be a Humanitarian.

      For goodness sake. Just be a Humanitarian. What is wrong with that?
      Carter would certainly be better loved and respected for his hard work!


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