“The number of people in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is going up steadily as a result of lower age limits for both men and women who want to serve as missionaries.”

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Sally Morrow

Sally Morrow

Sally Morrow joined Religion News Service in March 2012 as Photo/Multimedia Editor. She is a photographer and editor based in Kansas City, Mo. Morrow has worked as a multimedia editor and photographer at Newsday, The Des Moines Register, and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.


  1. samuel Johnston

    I was recently visited by a pair of Mormon missionaries. I wanted to yell RUN, RUN, set yourselves free! -but their young minds were locked up so tightly. It makes me angry to see these young people so deliberately mislead by unrelenting propaganda. Granted, most are better off than the neglected and virtually thrown away children in too many our our unhealthy, unorganized neighborhoods, but this heavy handed programming is hardly an optimum alternative.
    I was able to escape the narrow religious programing I was subjected to by my well intentioned parents – but it was not easy and it left huge emotional scars. I was rescued by the free library system, a few caring school teachers, and a University education. Better to teach the young how to behave, and how to learn, and then let them find their own answers.

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