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(RNS) "If there's anybody I can think of pulling through this, and doing well, it's Bowe," said Philip Proctor, who was pastor of Sovereign Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Boise, Idaho, when Bowe Bergdahl was a teenager.


  1. Sister Geraldine Marie

    On the news, it shows a member of the Taliban telling SGT. Bergdahl to “not come back to Afghanistan.” With all of the allegations being leveled at him about how he happened to become a captive in the first place, it doesn’t sound like the Taliban liked him very well!

    This is supposed to be America where a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty! Not one of these people making accusations, would like to be treated in this manner. Let the man speak for himself, if he (even) needs to.

    I’m very glad he was rescued and contrary to one news report, he doesn’t look like he’s in good physical shape to me!

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