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(RNS) When Pope Francis warned married couples not to substitute pets and vacation homes for children, was that a slap against childless couples? Some people thought so.


  1. Of course the critical Tweets note that the Pope doesnt have any children. As though one needs to be an axe murderer to know the truth about murder! People need lessons in logic! Experience does not determine truth!

    • Jazziscoolithink

      I find it interesting that you compare being a parent to being an axe murderer. 😉

      I get your point, but it is not so simple as you try to make it out to be. To tell a dirt poor married couple that it is a sin to use contraceptives and to criticize them for responsibly choosing to not have children is exceedingly cruel. As if having children necessarily combats loneliness in your latter years. Sounds like the pope needs a lesson in logic!

  2. Headline: “Pope decides what another of your most personal choices should be.” This is news?

  3. One of the comments was very interesting. It mentioned former pope Benny has 2 cats.

    Maybe this was all just really an inter-vatican flame war. Frankie really being upset over the cat dander when Benny’s little fuzzballs get loose.

  4. It’s all a matter of free will and choice, which gift God gave us. I have a grown daughter and 9-year old cat. Since my daughter lives out-of-state, I now enjoy the company of my cat. Let everyone make their own choice!!

  5. Therese Kinney

    I’ve had both kids and pets and pets are better. Of course cats & dogs can’t contribute $$$$ to the Catholic Church that still uses marriage and babies as a punishment for sex. I am hoping that the human race becomes extinct and that the animals can once again be free to live on this earth without fear of man or the church.

  6. You never heard this coming out of Pope Benny!

  7. Did he even consider the people that are unable to have children and possibly could not adopt a child? Or the possibility that not everyone wants or is meant to be a parent? A pet can bring joy into a person’s life almost or just as much as a child. He is very out of touch with reality.

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