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VATICAN CITY (RNS) The Vatican said the pope named four experts from Switzerland, Singapore, the United States and Italy to replace the all-Italian board of the Vatican's Financial Information Authority.


  1. More superficial fluff with showpiece new members with interesting experience—a George W. Bush terrorism financing expert, an Italian bureaucrat, an investment banker with Wall Street firms and an airline executive and government official.

    All honorable people presumably, but mere occasional advisers linked to the 0.01% plutocrats that Francis seems to prefer to surround himself with. They are all subject to removal by Pope Francis and, in a couple of years, by his successor, at any time.

    Enron and Lehman Brothers each also had impressive directors—indeed more impressive than these. It is all window dressing. Some naive and Vatican beholden reporters will be wowed, but not anyone who knows how large financial institutions actually work.

    To clean up Vatican finances, the overseers need to be selected independently by lay
    Catholics and subject to their removal.

    And most importantly, Vatican finances need to be thoroughly and regularly audited by an independent major international accounting firm.No such audit has ever been done and as best I can tell, is not even scheduled

  2. If we ALL GET TOGETHER all religion to stop mafia & terrorist it will help the world find a legal way to sabotage their operation mafia need contact , money connection, business front ,drugs etc let get them arrested I feel it the best interest of the world don’t forget some mafia type people in Hawaii ..

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