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(RNS) If Moral Mondays are, in fact, the beginnings of another Great Awakening, they promise not only to speak to people in a context of social crisis but also to reshape religious practice in America.


  1. So is it ok to break the law to support our morals? To stop abortion? To stop gay marriage?

  2. How can the advocacy of the murder of babies be considered a “Great Awakening”? Just more leftist propaganda. Call the immoral moral and see if it flies.

  3. Chaplain Martin

    Brother Baker from reading the article you are doing really good work. I am praying for you and the cause, Moral Monday. Boy do we ever need voting rights improved in Alabama. I moved here from Georgia which is just as bad.

    By the way, a very good article, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove. Hope to read your book soon.

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