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(RNS) Except for white evangelical Protestants, Americans have grown more supportive of a path to citizenship for immigrants.


  1. these so called polls are ridiculous 99.9% of the Americans living paycheck to paycheck do not want amnesty or reform only deportation. Americans have been sold out to corporate greed. if corporations cared about people they wouldn’t outsource our jobs. americans unite vote out all bought and paid for politicans. vote independent. no more two party system destroying the middle class. and working for the corporations. impeach the criminal Obama.before its to late. wake up sheeple.

  2. i have seen with my own eyes these illegal aliens rob steal join gangs and don’t contribute to our society in any way. just come here for free everything they can milk out of our system. take jobs and reduce wages for Americam people. and our corporate government bought and paid for could care less about the people who elected them. how many Americans are murdered , raped, and destroyed by illegal invaders before the people act.?

  3. my company hires illegals like the rest. Tyson, cagill. , coca cola , McDonald’s, Walmart, Microsoft , Apple you name any corporation that doesnt hire illegals are mostly full of it if they don’t do it here they do it overseas. all because of greed. sorry Americas middle class welcome to poverty.

  4. david active tonight watching America going to third world status. poor sheeple let the illegals take everything. I have a cardboard box to share by the river.

  5. Racism and calculated ignorance trumps religious appeals.

    David, if your job and skill-set could be replaced by a person of minimal education and English language skills, you had no hope to achieve middle class from the outset. If you want to empower big companies in exploiting cheap labor, go ahead and make it more difficult to stay in this country legally. Restrictive and draconian immigration policies don’t protect jobs, it just creates a bigger underground economy labor pool.

    The days when menial unskilled labor ensured a single income middle class lifestyle are gone. Its death began when poor and working class conservatives started attacking organized labor.

  6. I see the word “evangelical” used by writers often. I very rarely see that word defined? There seems to be an assumption held by many writers and researchers that “evangelicals” are a homogeneous group!