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(RNS) The departure of a high-ranking lobbyist after an embezzlement scandal has the secular community in disarray before its biggest event of the year.


  1. Thanks Kimberly Winston
    for more excellent reporting.

    The really great news in this article is that the Secular movement is gaining.
    And secular women are on the rise.

    There are signs the aggressive attacks on women’s rights
    from the Evangelical Christians may finally be fueling a backlash.

    On a related note, “Mothers Against the NRA” is very small
    but appears to be gaining some traction.
    ‘MANRA’ could weaken the religious zealotry of the NRA and force regulations which up to now have not been possible.
    The model of “Mothers against Drunk Driving” improved regulation and introduced strong laws against drunk drivers which have saved thousands of lives.

    Since the legacy of Eve in the Garden, women were the first victims of religion.
    I hope they continue to speak up.

  2. Count those empty pews, Frank, and check the polls.

    Religion’s demise is built in.

  3. With no disrespect to Ms. Rogers; the employees who embezzled the funds give the lie to the notion that somehow atheists and humanists are more ethical than others.

  1. […] As the Secular Coalition for America prepares for its biggest event of the year this week (June 12-14) in Washington, D.C., atheist groups are recovering from the sudden departure of the coalition’s highest officer and confronting renewed charges that nonbelief groups have a shortage of women leaders and are suspicious of conservatives. The SCA, which lobbies on behalf of more than a dozen secular groups, announced that its executive director, Edwina Rogers, was let go after employees embezzled $78,000 from the organization. [Read more] […]